Initial Setup

Below is the setting info we have set up so far. I’ll be fleshing some of this out and adding it here on OP, developing some to be revealed later, and leaving areas for you guys to define as we go along.

Overall setting: Before the Cataclysm, civilization was so dependent upon magic, for information, media, and communication, that when the Cataclysmic event destroyed the Empire’s capital and disrupted all magic throughout the Empire, collective memory of the past was lost, communication was disrupted, the economy was left bereft without magical credit tied to the Empire’s infrastructure. Society scrambled to reform/rebuild in the wake of this disaster.

  • Cataclysmic event happened roughly a generation ago, various groups have differing narratives on what happened, why it happened, and whodunnit.

What the party believes caused the Cataclysm:

  • Shifty (Matt): Accepts what he was told, that the centralized decadence of the Empire led to the Cataclysm happened because of the coveted wealth and lack of appreciation of the impermance of it all.
  • Enna (Regina): Elves have a cyclical view on things like cataclysm, water changes to fire enhances personal conviction that this is what’s needed to prep the way for the next stage in the cycle.
  • Sendar (Erin): The Cataclysm was a sign from god (Pelor) of the actual Apocalypse that is imminent, so it is Sendar’s job to proselytize and save as many souls before the end as possible.
  • Broc(?) Fingerface (Andrew): Abandoning the old ways (according to the Forest Gnomes) and all of the races not using/respecting natural resources properly led to the Cataclysm.

The City and immediate effects of Cataclysm

  • The capital of the Empire B.C. (Before the Cataclysm) was Roxanndria. Political, economic, and knowledge center of the region, so much so the city did not need to put out the red light.
  • Cataclysmic event caused an explosion of some sort in Roxanndria, leaving the heart of the city, comprising of a few square miles, as a desolate crater.
  • Cataclysmic event caused waves of wild magic that destabilized both the magical infrastructure and changed/perverted wild areas magically. Some cities were drastically changed into wilderness, creating an impetus to now recover these lost cities and their wealth while rebuilding the Empire.
  • Points of light in an otherwise darkened land
  • Some relay cities may not have totally failed magically, could present quandries of various sorts.
  • Who runs the empire? Remnants/plutochracy of previous Empire. Think NCR, they nominally control the old empire, but who does and does not recognize their authority differs.
  • Purose of the group: Map the territories, spread the influence of the new empire, settle unruly territory, protect empire citizens, all on a specific route to reconnect the Empire’s previous greatness.

Empty Night

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